What a day!!!!!

Today has been literally the busiest I have ever been. I have been literally coding all day. I have been working very closely along side our designer Laura. We have been implementing the last of her fantastic designs to the program. As you know, programming throughs up numerous errors and problems which are not ideal at this stage but I have to say Im really happy with where we are. I have the program home with me tonight and I will be putting some of the final touches to it and Laura has got 3 pages out of the folder which she needs to implement the last of the Audio. We plan to meet early in the morning and just insert those files back into the folder and that means it should be complete. Of course there are areas that will need tidied up but I have no doubt that it will get completed without any problems.

Today I had a number of great results. Firstly I have got the Keypresses working in the program but im slightly worried about the “G” keypress because for some reason it just isn’t reliable enough. I have went through the code of it with a fine tooth come and couldn’t find the problem. I also got the score counter working out to the leaderboard but in the end I just wasn’t happy with the way it was displaying. It would keep deleting the previous player and it just wouldn’t store the variable that was in the code. As a group we just decoded that we would implement our own team names into the 7 slides and leave on of the boxes on the leaderboard free for the player. We just thought it was inevitable that we had a leaderboard in the program either way. I spoke to the programming lecturer Ken and he said it was a huge undertaken to put a leaderboard in to the program and that it was something that was very awkward. So i made the decision that I simply didn’t have the time to focus on one thing, no matter how important it was because if I did the program wouldnt be finished. I also changed the time on the clock throughout all of the files. We put it originally at 30 seconds but after user testing we discovered that it was to short so we decided to up it to 45 seconds which gives the user that bit of extra time.


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