OMG………..we’re so close to the end!

The last few days have been long, 9 to 9 in college; fatigue is being fended off by sugary drinks and sweets, good times!

The last few days have been filled with tension, frayed feelings and great work. It makes for a good work environment. I am extremely proud of the group over these long days; they have really shown that their dedication is alive and well!

I have been pouring my blood, sweat and (metaphorical) tears into getting the art room made up and cleaned and ready for the unveiling of the awesomeness DoodleBlocks. Between painting, drilling, sweeping and mopping I am really happy with how the room has cleaned up. There is still plenty of cleaning to be done. Laura and I got our prints sorted today and Laura’s work has yet again far exceeded my expectations. We will be putting these posters up tomorrow and I will be getting the rest of the room sorted and looking sharp. One of the biggest tasks I have been concentrating on over the last couple of days was to get the interactive pen working with the projectors, this took a fair bit of time but I am really glad to say that I got it working, and working really well! The software that I managed to get is really high-tech and works great. The users will have really great control over the pointer as they are drawing and creating the images. I am really glad that we are able to use this tech in our project.

Today I conducted some user testing using the big pen and the words that we got. The people that took part in the game had really great fun and there were many laughs had. This is really gratifying to see people having such fun with the bare bones of the project. I have no problem saying that DoodleBlocks will be hard to beat on the day. The user interaction that will be involved will really help us stand out from the other fantastic projects being presented.

Tomorrow is the “show and tell” day and I am really excited to see the reaction from the lectures and to see them having fun using our project?

Conor and Paul have really been pushing the programming over the last while; it is really great to see it coming together! Their efforts have been really great and they are really great at getting the whole thing done!

I have gotten some really great feedback from the audio lecture about the audio I have created for the whole thing. I am delighted with this as I have put a lot of effort into getting everything to sound like it all fits in with the project.

Over all this experience has been one filled with good times. We as a group have really worked well together and it was a really joy to be a part of the whole process. This may well be the last blog post I put up here so, I guess this is goodbye! 🙂


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