Well its finally coming to an end. Doodleblocks is coming to its final week in Dundalk Institute of Technology and it has been a truly wonderful experience for all (i hope). This week was a very top heavy week for us all, we all had a ridiculous amount of work to do, it seemed that some aspects of the project could have been started earlier but thankfully we will definitely get it all finished for the lecturers and their grades tomorrow.

we have tweaked and changed a few aspect of the project. Paul feels he doesnt have enough time to successfully implement the leaderboard so we are going to have to drop it, its a pity but its the only way to get the project done in time. There were some things that i have been working on today and this week, i edited the animation to remove some parts regarding the old technologies and i created several novelty sized stationary items to decorate the room and they look great. Early this week i successfully managed to get the code working so that if the A key is pressed it moves onto the next round. This was vital because the makey makey is coded up to the a key and as a result the program runs smooth! next is to code it to the s key to move on if the word is not guessed, (the red button). Its up to Paul now to put this code that i wrote into all the files that laura has been animating so tirelessly on over the past week!

This is probably the last blog post that I make in contribution, over all im extremely proud of Neil, Paul and Laura and the work we as NCLP Designs have accomplished. we overcame many setbacks and hinderences but we will have a great project on the day and i cant wait to show it off! I feel its a great representation of the work that we have all done throughout the year!


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