The final push

With the finish line in site for us we have entered the last couple of weeks. The pressure is on to get everything up and running by no later than Thursday as we have a “show and tell” to present on Friday. Friday will be the day when everything gets set up and the lectures go around and look things over.

From an audio stand point I am feeling really confident with the work I have produced thus far. I have about an hour’s work left and I will have fulfilled my role as sound engineer. I sat with an audio lecturer today and we talked for a while about the last element that I have to produce and he gave me some really great pointers and really helped me figure out and transcribe what I had in my head. There is nothing worse than staring at a blank canvas with an idea in your head.

There however are issues with some elements of the project that have yet to be completed and some issues that arose that have until now been unforeseen. I spent time creating audio files that were to be played as the user goes through the options screens, but I only realised that with the multiple .SWF files that have been created for the project the audio will not flow how I would like it. This is something that I will need to consider when finishing up my section of audio. As I am sure the other group members will blog about the leader board element has yet to be implemented into the project alone with other elements. The lecturer Ken has not been available to offer any assistance over the last few days. This has really slowed the progress of these sections.

I have said to the group that if we have not made any progress on this front by Wednesday evening that we will have to just scrap the leader board and think of something else to do. One option that could potentially work is to simply have a board with markers so the players could write down their accumulated score to be displayed. This is by no means an ideal option but I would rather have something in place then nothing at all. This is one option in many that I am sure we could collectively come up it and implement.

All this being said I am still very happy with the progress and work that everyone is producing and implementing. With only 5 days or so left to work on the file we will be pressed for time but I am sure that when it comes down to it DoodleBlocks shall be the project we have imagined and what we will show for the Fis show we will be able to stand by and be proud of!


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