So this week has been really successful. As it stand all thats left from the programming side of things is the actual leaderboard and to get it up and working the way that we wanted. I have been trying to get in contact with the programming lecturer Ken, but im having little success. I really need him to point me in the right direction on how we get the final score counter out and on to the leaderboard. Iv spent a fair few hours working on this and I have the score counter up and running so im hoping its only a matter of getting the final score counter shipped out on to the leaderboard. I think other than that, we are in a really good place. Laura is doing brilliant work on getting the website up and running. The website looks really cool and I have no doubt the end product will be excellent. Neil is finishing the last piece of Audio of and Conor is installing the buttons for the score counter and when they are pressed the scores will tally up and increase when the user gets a word correct. All in all I think we are in a good place. Over the next 6 days we will be just trying to add any little extras that we think might add to the experience for the user and of course trying to get this leaderboard up and running.


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