not to long now

Over the last couple of weeks we have all been working to try and get everything finished up and sorted out for the Fis exhibition that is happening in about a week’s time. I have been closing out the audio for the project and am really happy with some of the stuff that I have both digitally created and composed on the guitar. I have spent a lot of time in the audio lab getting this work done and I feel very proud of it. This coming Friday we have a show and tell thing to do, this is where we essentially set everything up and have it all ready for the following week (fis). The lectures will be going around each of the groups and getting a final walk through of each of the projects. While I am fully confident that everything will be up and running there are still some elements of the project that both need starting and finishing up. I still have to create the audio for the countdown timer. Conor is finishing up the keyboard and Paul is to start the leader board. Laura has to finish her little animations for each of the screens.

I think this coming week we will all be staying in late and pushing through to get everything finished and up and running.

One thing that has changed though is the use of the track pad and wii remotes. There was progress being made with these but like the Kinect this progress was not yielding the results that we were looking for. It could have been used but with lots of bugs and it was turning into a very laggy thing to use. We were told that the college has interactive white boards connected to the projectors in the labs. We have been assured that by using this we would not be losing any marks for our overall project. We have been told by a few lectures that the technology is there to be used so we should feel free to use it.  This is the same for the track pad, there were no advancements being made with this and again we were told that by using Conor’s touch screen computer that we will be ok.

As mentioned above the main focus now is getting the programming up and running, the buttons and the leader board all talking to each other. We still need to also consider the space we have been allocated in the college to display our project. During next week we will be having plenty of group meetings so we will be putting this topic on the agenda.


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