Monday monday

Its Monday. Felt the need to stress that. As it stands we have roughly 2 weeks until its show time! As of right this very moment I have completed the tasks that I set out to do over the weekend. Last week our buttons arrived! Here is a photo of one of them in action.


It wasnt an easy task but I managed to get these hooked up with use of a makey makey to my computer so that once they are pressed they act as the letter a and w keys. This is extremely important as over the next few days Paul will be adding in code to the program so that once these letters are pressed a new word will be generated. Thankfully this works well. By acting these buttons as a key press it means the user will have a far more enjoyable experience rather than clicking on the screen. Here are some photographs of the makey makey setup that will all be housed in the new doodlestation that is pending fabrication.

IMAG0440 IMAG0456 IMAG0444

Also I managed to fix the audio issues with the animation! I Stripped it and synched it up using final cut, guess that second year editing module paid off. Here is a link to the video!



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