Themes and Website Progress

These past couple of weeks have been very busy between trying to find time to study and to get other modules assignments finished up. Thankfully our last exam was today and I have just one more other assignment to go! I have been trying my best to keep working at our major project as we still have a good bit of work to do mainly caused from the setback of changing our technology. Below is the animals theme which I have implemented into our main program and I am just beginning to animate. As discussed in earlier blogs we will have animations playing after the user selects their difficulty. In this round the elephant will wave his trunk and make a sound. We will also have the giraffe shake his head and the trees will rustle as animal sounds play.Animals

In terms of other design work going on at the moment I am still progressing with the website and creating it through Dreamweaver. I am finding it as a good learning experience as I really wanted to refresh my memory and improve my skills in web development. It is a very time consuming process as I keep changing things around that I am not 100% happy with. I would like to get the website up to a professional quality in the end and I don’t feel like it’s at that level yet. Another aspect of the website that we will have to work on is the gallery. I have a placeholder in for the images in the form of a light box gallery and I hope to take some photographs of people testing out DoodleBlocks to put into it. Another possibility is that when we have the lecturers test our project we can get some photos and add them in later. I have found a really good tutorial which is something I am considering using in developing the website as it will look a lot more professional and I can import css from the Dreamweaver file I have been working on all along. Here is the link:


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