New Updates

As it stands I am feeling extremely optimistic about the project. I have fine tuned and finished the animation, and I managed to get the button working as we need it. All that is needed for the project is to take Laura’s new animations and add them to the program that Paul is working on. Once they are all integrated my buttons, animations and technologies will be implemented and the project will be complete.

Kieran gave us an interesting idea in regards to using a gyroscopic mouse which is a nice concept. Ive experimented with this on ym computer and it is proving pretty difficulty, so using the wiimote is the most logical and probable step forward.  I will experiment with distances however Kieran mentioned that the whiteboards in the college are already interactive and there are remotes that can use it so I might look into using them if they make the program run smoother and will improve the experience. Exams next week so they must take priority!


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