This week we had our last WIP presentation. We had got in early on the Tuesday morning just to fine tune everything and make sure that all of our technologies were working exactly how we wanted them. As I said in previous posts, I made the station where the camera will sit for the touchscreen, but I put the shelf into it to high so that was the first mistake. Although, its only a matter of  just lowering the shelf for the camera to sit on so that its output is bigger along the glass which the touch screen will work on. Unfortunately when we went into the actual WIP we didn’t get enough time to set up and that led to a bit of a disaster because hard drives began to fail, computers began to freeze and we literally hadn’t got all of our work to show them at that specific time because everything was either on the hard drive or the computer. Thankfully in the end we got everything up and working and I think after a bit of a dodgy start, I think we did a great job in recovering the presentation. I think all of the lecturers were pretty impressed. After the presentation we met our supervisor Glenn and he gave us some feedback in terms of the improvements that could make, which we were delighted to hear because in my opinion everything can always be improved. One of the things that we were asked to maybe consider was the fact do we actually need to make our own touch screen because Conor has his own touch screen and the program runs perfectly on it but our argument was that we want to test ourselves and gather as many points as possible and we think we can do that if we make our own home-made touch screen. Other areas that we need to look at is making sure we have user tested the program lots and lots of times just to get the users feedback on it. One thing that they were really impressed with was the animation that Laura made in terms of each category. For example she has curtains opening across the screen for the Cinema category and I have to say she has done a fantastic job with it. She also has little animations for each of the phrases completed and I think they look really brilliant. We now have exams coming up but we have designated ourselves individual jobs over the next week to get done. I have to now focus on the program and get all the categories linked up and just fine tune the program. I also plan to look at finishing the scoreboard.


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