Post Demo

Yesterday we had our Demo presentation; although we all thought it could have gone better we were really happy with the result that we got from the lectures. We had everything set up running fine and dandy in the room before we were to start then…..disaster, I dropped Laura’s hard drive, and when we got into the room it wouldn’t register of her laptop and just when we thought all hope was lost she managed to get it working on a computer and we were able to show the most up to date version of our project. As mentioned in the other blogs from myself and the group we changed the technology that we are using for our project, this required some setting up on our part. Due to the timeline of the presentations we were unable to get into the room to set everything up on time. Fair play to the lectures they gave us a bit of time and even though the timer was started while the group still set up I decided it would be best to start talking and doing my part of the presentation. It was up to me to introduce the project to the lectures and tell them who we are and what Doodleblocks is all about. I then set about talking about the fact that we changed from using the old technology to what we are using now. I noticed that the group were still setting up so I tried to be calm and collected and go slow to give them an extra minute to set up. Even though things went off to a rocky start when everything was up and running we began to shine as we usually do, this is evident from our result.

After our Demo we then had a supervisor meeting with Glenn, it was then that he told us out result and told us a few of the comments made from the group of lectures. This was all very good constructive criticism that we gladly took on board. There were also some suggestions as to some of the problems we may face in the future. Some suggestions were to use the Conor’s touch screen computer as the interface and another was to use a gyroscope mouse. I wouldn’t be to familiar with the gyroscope mouse but with a little bit of research maybe it might be something that we can possibly use for our project. There was also another suggestion that we mount the Wii remote behind a plane of Perspex and let the user then use the other side as a canvas of some sort. I like this idea I must say, give the impression you are drawing on paper, not really.


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