Demo Presentation and Future Plans

The last few weeks have been building up to today for our ‘demo’ presentation. As mentioned before we had setbacks with the Kinect and unfortunately had to change our technology very recently. Since then, we have all put in a strong effort to try and make sure that we would reach the high standard we want to be at for our demo. Everyone has been working very hard as due to our change of technology we also had to almost fully change other aspects of the project such as the audio and animation video, that were previously completed. It has definitely been a stressful time, but I think that we have all coped very well after our decision to progress and not waste time, when it was very unlikely we could get the Kinect working before the exhibition. So far our back up plan of the interactive screen and touch pad are progressing very well. Conor has also re-done the animation video, which looks even better than our previous one now that colour has been implemented. As for the audio that Neil had to redo he has found a perfect replacement for our voice-over audio, which is now complete, and is making great progress on our animation sounds. Thankfully, the issue with the Kinect did not affect our actual program or graphics so Conor, Paul and myself have been able to continue on developing these aspects.

As for the presentation today it went better than I had thought after we got of to a shaky start – technology seemed to be failing us left, right and center! Between computer screens freezing, a hard drive crashing and an issue with the led sensor we definitely had our fair share of problems. Thankfully, we handled it well. We communicated our work and progress of our project to the lecturers efficiently who seems impressed by much of the project. After speaking to Glenn afterwards he informed us that the main issue the lecturers are anxious about is glitches. This means that we will just have to work very hard over the coming weeks to ensure that we smooth the possibility of these out and user test to ensure everything will run perfectly at the exhibition. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but thankfully after next week our two exams will be over and we will have even more time to put into making our project the best it can possibly be. After our presentation we had a short meeting to discuss our individual contributions for next Tuesday. With regards to the design work, I hope to have all five animations completed and perfected by next week. This will be a challenge as we have two 50% weighting major projects due this weekend as well as exam revision but I feel I will have made great progress with the designs by achieving this.


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