update, pre WIP

The last little while has been very productive for us as a group. Because of the changes that we have made within our project we have been really trying to get everything on the right path. This coming Tuesday is our next group project mile stone. We have a second WIP (work in progress) presentation. I am feeling confident about this presentation as I know the work we have all put in has been really great! Conor and Paul have been really pushing the programming along nicely and the new updates to the interface and interactivity have been updated really well. Laura has been working so much to get her vision of DoodleBlocks onto the screen! We will have some good work to show and we will also be able to have some of the lectures that attend be able to use the product, all be it on a very limited basis. None the less we will be able to WOW them just like we did the last time.

In relation to my role as project manager there have been a few issues that will have to bring up at our next group meeting. I have found that the group has been falling away from each other over the last little while. I know we have lots of other projects to hand in and deadlines approaching but I can’t help notice some feeling of frustration. I may be imagining things but I feel it is something that I need to address. There would be nothing worse than to find out that some in the group is not having fun!

Over the last week I have discussed with Laura the animations that we want to include in our project. We chose some sounds that we feel would fit and I went about creating and putting together these sounds. Thankfully Freesound.org was able to help, I had to get the lion and monkey sounds from this site as I had no other option. All in all I think the sounds turned out very well, a little bit of clean up and they will be fine and dandy. Another thing that happened with the audio was the voice for the instructional video got recorded. This was something that I kept putting off as I wanted to wait till I found a voice that would suit the role.  We were also unsure of how much would have to be changed in the game. When we had all the issues sorted I felt happy enough to move forward and so I did. As like last time I made the recordings in the sound proof room in college as to eliminate any outside interference. I then took the recordings and ran them through Adobe Audition to clean them up and add some minor effects to them. I am very happy with the end result of these audio files. I then passed them off to Conor and he put the files into the new animation that he has created.  Just to reiterate the reason we had to rerecord these files was because of the changes that were made in the game, i.e losing the Kinect we couldn’t use the same audio telling people to do something that didn’t happen anymore.

One thing that we will be pushing during our WIP presentation will be way we changed from using the Kinect to what we are doing now. This has to be documented as much as possible from both out point of view and those of the lectures grading us.

Below are some screen shots of the audio editing process that I went through.

some screen shot of my work flow editing the audio
some screen shot of my work flow editing the audio

screen1 screen2 screen3 screen4 screen5


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