This weeks workload!

This week was probably one of my most work heavy weeks on doodleblocks to date! Due to changing our technology we had to incorporate the doodleblocks experience into what we now have. Earlier in the week and on friday of the previosu week I booked out a projector and began working on the interactive whiteboard. This proved to be a huge success as I managed to get it working roughly. So between now and the next WIP I have to work out the distance that optimises the experience. The camera has about a 45 degree scope so it will be a simple matter of adjusting the height and distance so that the camera can read the projection.

In terms of programming I decided to help Paul out and take over for a bit, to give him a rest. I decided to physically break down the project into smaller files which was painstaking and arduous but in the end it works much smoother. By writing down what files i needed it was easier to see the final project and thankfully it works well! The program runs smoothly and navigates to each file. Over the next week Paul will add the last few bells and whistles to this version that I made to add global variables to store team names and scores for the leaderboard. We also have to add animations to each category that Laura has been tirelessly working on and they look really fantastic.

Neil recorded the voice over for the animation so I could work on it over the weekend. I am about 2/3 of the way through, and in my opinion this animation is a lot better than the last one. Since doodleblocks has taken on a more colorful aesthetic through our research i completely changed the visual style of the animation while still keeping to our theme. Picture and a copy of the animation will be posted soon, but at the moment it will be a surprise for all those at the WIP!


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