Preparation For Demo

As part of our preparation for the presentation next week I have been working on getting our website up and running and also on developing the five themed animations for the categories. Unfortunately, there has been a small issue with getting our website hosted on-line. I have been creating our website design through CSS, using Dream Weaver to implement graphics I created earlier. From initial research I thought that WordPress would take the CSS formatting and create our website to look as it would in Dream Weaver. Since then when I tried to start implementing the format into WordPress I have found that it will only accept this as part of the ‘Premium’ package which costs a hundred euro, which we definitely don’t have! I am continuing to build a Dream Weaver site but we will need to find a different way to host it, and hopefully on the cheap side! I will be doing more research into this but it means we wont have our full site up and running by the Demo as I had hoped. What I have done is created a free promotional site as a temporary to promote our project while the Dream Weaver site is in developments. Here is the link:Ā

I have also been working on the animations to have them installed in our program to show the lecturers on Tuesday. I hope to have at least three implemented as this will enable the user to get a better idea of the three rounds they get to play. I hope to have the Idioms, Cinema and Sports round animations completed to show an example of the style of animation. Neil has also been working on audio for these animations which I will be importing into the Flash program to add a nice feature to tie in with the aesthetics. As a group we have also been working on our ‘format’ of our presentation. We want to have a flow to our project and a clear direction so we have been working on the main points to discuss to show our progress and developments.


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