Over the last 3-4 days I have been getting the touchscreen stand built and set up and it was actually more work than I originally anticipated. I enjoyed doing it though because I have an interest in carpentry and building so I genuinely enjoyed making it. The most difficult thing was getting the correct type of legs for the stand because the most important thing is that the stand is nice and stable and dosent move at all when the user is going to be working on it. I originally had left it without any legs and basically it was just flat on the ground but it was wobbling and just want standing the way I wanted it. I also then tried a little frame that i made from waste timer and put it around the edges but it wasn’t the most reliable. In the end i got the adjustable legs that can go up and down and that might be useful if it is the wrong height for the user, because we can adjust the legs to go up or down to suit them. I think that also looks professional as well. The next thing that I had to be aware of was the height at which the shelf would sit at, because we wanted to make sure the web cam would pick up the users finger movements, so that might well have to be adjusted later on. We also plan to paint the stand the same colour as Lauras designs, so that it basically has continuity throughout. I have the glass here and ready to stick on the top of the stand, but I think we will wait just to make sure that it is working and everything so that if there are any minor adjustments to be made, they can be made.

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