DoodleBlocks Website

For part of our project we want to have a website that will have a number of functions. We want to use it to promote our site but it will also be a method of feedback for the users, a gallery of doodles, and (hopefully) serve as a way to view the leader board on-line. We have began to develop the site by using Dream Weaver. Paul has passed on a website template to myself which I have been using to implement the DoodleBlocks website graphics and buttons that I created previously. Here is a look at how it has been progressing:

For the website we will also need to take some photos that can be used that show people using DoodleBlocks and possibly even add a gallery of doodles created by the players to get people interested and guessing even just from looking at the website! We hope to have six pages all together which will be:

  1. Home – Main introduction.
  2. About Us – About our group and our team as individuals.
  3. Fis Exhibition – About Fis, What it is, How to find us at the exhibition.
  4. Gallery – Images of the project development, People playing and having fun, and a selection of people’s doodles from when the are playing each round.
  5. Leader Board – An updated version of the leader board from the program
  6. Contact – Details on how to contact our team and us as individuals.

My aim for next week is to have the website complete and hosted by the presentation next Tuesday to show to the lecturers, but some aspects will not be finalised such as the leader board and gallery.I also have been user testing some of my design work for the themed areas to Marcos in class, as well as to my group and other students. I have received good feedback so I will be starting to work on the animation for these themed areas now that I have a strong seal of approval.


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