Yesterday Conor and I dedicated the day to Doodleblocks just to get certain aspects of the program working and to basically get it laid out exactly like we wanted. One thing that we learned was that oranisation is key and we had to do a workflow chart to help us out as to where each page was going to link to. This was a really big help to us and helped us a great deal. This showed me personally what the actual reason was for having workflow charts in major projects and the benefits that it holds to be organised. Previously I think we just used workflow charts in other projects because we were asked to, and didn’t really know the point in the them but this exercise has really showing me wh they are needed. I can see why huge projects might need them because they would be dealing with hundreds of pages. We also had another huge break through in our programming class because we as a group weren’t happy with the colour palette and we felt it would be to awkward for the user to click on the drop down arrow and choose a colour, so we felt we could have each colour displayed in a square and they user would just have to tip the colour like a paint brush with the interactive white board. It gives us our own feel to Doodleblocks and I think it looks a lot more professional as well because the options are now there for the user without any problems. Below is just a screenshot of the little colour options we have for the users and beside it is the code that makes this work.

Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 14.16.18 Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 14.18.15


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