Interactive Projection

Yesterday I booked out a projector from the college equipment shop and I began testing the interactive whiteboard Wii software that we discovered. Installing the software took some time and I needed to use Lauras laptop as mine only had HDMI ports and no bluetooth. Eventually myself and Laura got things set up and running and thankfully the software works. Unfortunately the IR LED being emitted from the remote control was constantly blinking and because if this it was difficult to get a read on the screen. so over this weekend I will experiment by making and IR light that stays on constantly when the button is pressed so the software can get a better read of things.

In term of the animation I am going to have to leave it til a later date. Unfortunately we were not able to get a voice actor for this friday so I am going to wait until i get the audio clips before starting the animation. I am fully confident that it is a weekend’s work so theres no panic, I can focus on the interactive projection for now.

Making the IR led should not be a difficult task however I will search for a remote control that has a constant light so we can experiment with the software over the next couple of weeks to make the project all the better!


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