As I spoke about in my last blog, we have decided to leave the Kinect to one side because we feel as a group that we have exhausted every avenue available to us in terms of getting it working with Doodleblocks the way that we wanted. We began working on trying to get our own homemade touchscreen working which we have had some success with. Neil, Conor and myself spent 3-4 hours trying to get our own touchscreen prototype working on our laptops but we were running into some problems. We felt that we had tried everything that was possible to get it working and in the end felt that maybe it was the Kinect that was affecting the whole thing from working, because in all the tutorials that we had studied and looked at, they were all using a web cam. So Conor was the only on that had a web cam at home and thankfully with a few minor adjustments he got it working with out any problems. One thing we must be wary of though is the lighting because it is very specific with how much light it needs to actually work. Fair play to Conor though it was great to actually get that part of the project working. Next I will make our own home made stand/box so that we can set the camera in and then have a little stand where the user can touch the screen, which will be glass, and they can then take control of the box. I plan to make this out of wood and then paint it the Doodleblocks colour which is purple.

So what is next? Over the weekend I plan to work on the actual Doodleblocks program and get it all linked up and ready to make minor adjustments or even add certain aspects to the program that we were thinking about 3 weeks ago. I also have to focus on getting the scoreboard working because again that is going to be an important part of the Doodleblocks experience.


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