The Interactive Box

Yesterday Paul, Neil and myself took a look at the interactive box tutorial that we found on line. We went to Neils house to to try it on his computer but to no joy. Part of this problem that I believe was down to using the xbox kinect as a webcam. Im presuming there may have been some issues with drivers due to the xbox having 2 cameras inside it. After about an hour of messing around with it we decided that ultimately it wasnt going to work to what we wanted so I decided to try it at home.

I rang my uncle and picked up a webcam that he has, my webcam is fixed into my pc so I was unable to pull it out to use. I installed all the software and built a temporary box for the thing to work. After another hour or so I managed to get it working! Granted there were some issues with the construct, mainly large holes in the box and the paper being too thick but the important this is it work. Over the weekend I will build a stronger box that the webcam can be placed in and I will use a photo frame and grease proof paper to make the lighting work to our benefit.


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