The Category Themes Drawings

One of the main new ideas that will improve the doodle blocks user experience is to add a themed animation for each of the five categories (Music, Sport, Phrases, Cinema and Animals). As the designer it has been my role to come up with a design concept for these to progress our aesthetic appearance while the rest of the group is focusing on developing our new technology. I have tried to come up with a nice design that will suit our ‘doodle’ aesthetic so I think keeping the drawings cartoon-ish in style will help tie all the designs together. We are hoping to add colour as when the user is given the controls to draw, they will be given a selection of basic colors to choose from. Below are our concepts for each theme and some (very) rough drawings!

For the ‘Cinema’ round we hope to have a curtain drawn back to reveal a screen for the animation.  After the user has selected their level a timer will countdown from 5 similar to this: We want to fully incorporate audio to each animation so an example of the sounds we want to use for this category would be the curtains pulling back, the countdown timer noise, film reel ticking over, and a shush when the difficultly level has been chosen. Neil, as audio technician, will be discussing the audio for these animations in more detail in his blogs.


In the ‘Phrases’ round we would like to have it styled as if it were a black and white doodle illustration on paper. We are going to create small doodles of different phrases such as ‘When pigs fly’ or ‘Adding fuel to the fire’ to show what kind of phrases are likely to show up. We will be animating several of the doodles such as making the pig fly off the screen for ‘When pigs fly’ when the difficulty level is selected.


We have decided that for the ‘Sports’ round there will be a goal and crowd as the background. When the user chooses one of the particular levels (Easy, Medium or Hard) the ball will be kicked in the direction of the difficulty button placement within the goal. The crowd will cheer as the goal is scored and then the level will begin.


For the ‘Music’ round we will be creating a outdoor concert stage with large speakers and lighting. We want to have a crowd in the foreground. Once again when the difficulty is selected the animation will play – We will have typical concert sounds such as the crowd cheering and an amp. What we hope to create for the animation is that the lights will twist and shine out towards the audience or ‘user’ and the next level will begin.img028

For the final round which is ‘Animals’ we are creating a background which will appear to be the outside of a zoo. There will be a large black iron gate and trees overgrowing. Above the trees we will see an elephants trunk, a giraffes ears and possibly a monkeys tail etc. When the difficulty is chosen the animals will move and the relevant animal noise will play. My next job will now be to start implementing these ideas and designing the images in Illustrator before they are imported to Flash.




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