Prototype Testing!

This morning I sat down with another member of the class and tested the program that i have been working on. This was useful as i got some good criticism. All in all the tester thought it was a very good program and fun to play. Here are some photos of the piece in action. As you can see here the team name enter section works perfectly, the program recognises the characters being entered and displays them on the next screen

11117699_777269189055745_2072378519_n 11180293_777269185722412_537465561_n

Here is a photo of the random word generator in action. Along with this is a photo of the general layout of the drawing screen. At the moment this interacts with a mouse click so we will have to change it to working with the new technology that we adapt.

11180161_777269172389080_1561188996_n 11166030_777269205722410_300289419_n

Some feedback I received from the testing this morning was:


  • Good amount of words
  • Good amount of Difficulties
  • Colour is a good idea
  • Drawing with pen on screen will be better than a pen and paper
  • Line thickness is very helpful


  • Too many colours – too many choices
  • Timer was hard to see
  • More time

This is all good feedback as most of these early problems will be fixed by the time the program is fully finished. I fully intend to change the colour pallet as this is the default one set by flash. We also intend to have a count down timer being played as the drawing is taking place, adding a level of pressure to players and it will get louder as time runs out, so the player knows just what is going on!


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