Homemade Touchscreen

Over the weekend I have been doing some prototyping on our own custom made prototype. We decided that if we made our own touchscreen we could use it to let the user navigate through the program and then at the drawing part of the process the user would then use a interactive white board to draw there shapes and drawings. I decided that I would take on the touchscreen to act as the mouse and over the weekend i put my head down and started making a prototype. I found it really easy to get hold of all the equipment needed. We had the Kinect which was going to act as the camera which will be selotaped down inside the box. There then will be a glass frame cut out and glued to the top of the box which is where the user will use their finger fingers to take control of the mouse. Below is just a screenshot of one of the problems that I encountered. It was an error into the software needed to run the camera. It actually wasn’t the software, which is called CCV, it was the computers that I was working with because the software only works on Windows 7 and the computer I was working on was Windows 8. So i suppose that was something that I have learned. I plan to get this piece of technology working this week and hopefully it works exactly the way that I want and maybe even make small changes that might suit Doodleblocks.

photo 1 photo 2


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