Eighth Group Meeting and Design Feedback

After our decision to change from using the Kinect this week we had a chance to discuss this matter with Glenn at our supervisor meeting. He was very understanding as he knows how much time has been put into trying to make it work and that we have discussed our problem with people experienced using the Kinect to no avail. His advise was to make sure that when it comes to the demo presentation to ensure that we communicate effectively how we had to change Kinect after exhausting all areas in terms of research. We spoke about our new idea which is the interactive screen and touch pad and discussed the pros and cons such as how it gives us more artistic freedom to add ‘extra features’ that we hope to incorporate. An issue Glenn pointed out is that we need to ensure we justify our use of technology and also to ensure that we digitize the pen enough. These are aspects that we will need to keep in mind while creating the technology.

This week I also got some design feedback from Marcos in class of our poster, website concepts and the business card that I have been working on over the Easter. He was happy with the over all design and gave me some ideas such as possibly to include a bit more information as to show our project is about drawing on the business card. I think this would be a great idea but I want to wait until next week to begin to implement this, as our technology idea is only fresh so I would like to be more certain of our idea first. My next step now is to begin drawing up concepts for a themed animation for each of the five categories within the program. We feel that this will make it a more immersive experience and add an appealing feature for the user. I will post up the concept drawings once they are finalised.


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