So long Xbox Kinect

Well it has been a very interesting week for us in the Doodleblock camp. We returned after the Easter all fired up to get everything rolling and then……set back. As Monday progressed it started to become abundantly clear that our dance with the Kinect was coming to an end. As much as we wanted to get the Kinect working without project, it was not turning out the way we wanted it to. As much as we tried to get everything connected the two Flash files didn’t want to talk to each other at all. On a Monday we have our programming class and even the lecturer, who is Mr. Flash, was stumped. I am sure it can be done but all the examples of it working how we would like it to work were all done by people that would have been programming for years and years. We truly exhausted all the possibilities that were available to us and it just became clear that the technological skill required was just a touch outside our reach. But being the awesome group that we are we looked at it as only a set back and not the end of the world. We always knew that this might happen so we had backup plans and it is a combination of these backup plans that we will be moving forward with. Thankfully not everything will have to be redone. All of Laura’s fantastic graphics and designs can be kept and the mouse driven prototype can be kept, it is things like the audio “voice over/host” and the “how to play” animation that will have to be redone. In fairness though, this is not too much work for us, because we are great.

So the new way of Doodleblocks is all the same it is just the technology that has changed. We will now be creating a track pad for the users to use to take them through the menus at the start and when it comes to the drawings we will be creating an interactive whiteboard. I will post the videos of the two best examples that we found. By now utilising these technologies we almost feel relieved as it will give us a much greater scope to add all the little extras that we want to add. Because of the difficulty of the original Flash file (the Kinect one) it would have been hard for us to add all the little things but now we are a lot freer to create and WOW with our great work and skills.

In other news I put together the documentation that is required for the Fis exhibition. This document covers everything that we need for the layout and set up of the physical space of our project in June.

I have also been working on new adaptations and versions of the Doodleblocks theme and working on music that can be played during the game play and instructional video. These are proving harder then I originally thought but I will get it all finished up without issue.


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