Contingency Plan

Over the 2 weeks off I wasnt able to get the xBox Kinect to be able to do just exactly what we wanted. Linking the files that we were working on also bombed and even the programming lecturer Ken wasn’t able to help, and god knows if he couldn’t understand it what hope had we so we collectively decided to initiate plan b. What exactly that is we are still not 100% sure. We have ultimately decided to keep going ahead with the programming. I took over from Paul for a while to give hime a break as I am sure his head is fried too with the kinect. At the moment I am still extremely confident that we will pull this out of the bag, as the way i see it now we have to get the program working fully on a computer, and we then need to discover a new form of interaction. A touch screen of some kind seems to be the most logical compromise.

Today I began programming the file. One of the most common issues with flash files working correctly is the problem with file sizes. If a flash file is too big it can refuse to work in the way it is designed. I believe I have come up with a rather clever way of solving this issue by breaking this project into 7 parts. The first part is where players must enter their team name that will be displayed through out the experience. I have successfully made this and have working input texts that saves teams names which I am pretty happy about. Next week we will begin adding more difficulties and words to the existing program that i have made. Part 2 will be the drawing file, I managed to be able to extend the boundaries of the original drawing box so that it can work smoothly and more can be drawn on stage. Parts 4, 5 and 6, will be the same program as parts 1 and 2 to avoid the file getting too congested and part 7 will take the players to the leader board.

As it stands I have this completed with the basics done. Now it is just a simple case of linking more onto these files and having global variables in place to register scores and team names. In terms of technology we are planning to utilize and interactive white board which replaces the pen and paper aspect of pictionary with a greater experience. We are also planning on making a form of input to the program, namely an large touch surface that will act as a glorified track pad, again a small aesthetic change that will add to the user experience. It is disheartening that the kinect wont work to our idea but I feel that with this now have greater scope to add bells and whistles to the progect and to make it a more enjoyable experience.


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