Change of Technology

Since our WIP presentations Paul and Conor have been working hard to try and make the Kinect function within Flash, as we have both files working but just not together. For our WIP we had the drawing application working separately using the Kinect but since then we have been unable to get it to open within Flash. After spending many hours researching, testing and asking people with alot of experience with the Kinect, we have been unable to find a solution to the problem. As yesterday was our first day back after Easter we got a chance to speak to Ken, our programming lecturer, in our workshop class. We explained how we have been having issues getting everything working together even after countless hours spent researching it and he was able to take a look at it. After giving us some suggestions that may fix the problem we tested them out over the next few hours. Unfortunately, these suggestions made no difference to the program and Ken was unsure of how else our problem could be solved apart from this. He suggested since we had already put so much time into making it work to no avail that we should think of a backup plan. Originally, our plan was to spend up until Friday continuing to work on the Kinect, but after a group discussion we felt that it would be wasted time and our efforts would be best put into our new idea. At the moment we have discussed going down a route we considered previously which is to use an interactive screen for the drawing aspect and to create a touch pad for the user interaction on the screen.

It is a bit disheartening having to change technology so far into the project but so much time as been spent researching and every effort has been put in, but it seems to be beyond the capabilities of third year students and even some of those who are much more experienced than us! We will now need to stay focused and ensure that we put the hours in to work on getting our new technology plans into action very soon.


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