On Monday we came together as group and spent hours trying to get the Kinect working with our official Doodleblocks file. We weren’t making any advances with it unfortunately, so we decided that we would wait and see the programming lecturer in our programming workshop which does be held on a Monday evening. We explained the whole process to Ken and told him that we had literally exhausted every avenue possible in terms of trying different things to see if the would make the two files link up. He talked us through that it could be to do with the file format that could be causing the problem and told us we should try both files on Adobe Flash CS4 and see if that would make any difference. We originally had the Doodleblocks file on CS6 and the Kinect file on CS4 and maybe thought that they weren’t working because of that. So we made our first page of the Doodleblocks file in CS4 and added the code which would link that file to the Kinect file and we were still getting the same error. Ken hadn’t really came across this issue before and wasn’t quite sure why this was happening and advised us to think of a back up plan. We originally were going to give this on to Friday and if it wasn’t working by then, we said we would think of something else to include in the Doodleblocks file.

We came together as a group and decided that we were banging our heads of a wall when it came to getting the Kinect working. We had been trying to get this to work for weeks and were having no luck at all. We made a conscious decision that we had exhausted every single avenue that was our there and are comfortable that we have put everything into this program without the success of actually getting it working the way we wanted to. So now we are thinking of maybe making our own touchscreen where it will act as the mouse and that will be for the users to type in their own information. We also plan to have an interactive whiteboard which the user will use to actually do the drawing. We will do more research on both things and plan to have them implemented next week.


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