Fresh start

Tomorrow is the return to college after the Easter break. There is much to do and time is flying by. I think the next couple of months will be filled with some late nights in college and some brain storming to get everything finished and ironed to a fine line. As always i have every confidence in the group and everything will be fine and dandy.

Over the couple of weeks off I have been thinking about the audio mainly. This week (the week of the 13th) I am positive everything will be finished up and out of the way so it can be put into the project by the next couple of weeks. I will be booking the sound proof room for Friday to record the jingle again. Although the equipment I have here in my house is very good it can’t help pick up background interference. By recording it again it will give it a more professional finish and will help fit it in with everything.

One of the major things that will have to be finished this week is the plan for Fis. We were given a talk before the Easter and I will be getting onto that and sorting out everything required for this element of the project today.

Over the last couple of weeks had given me some time to think of the extra bells and whistles that will be added to Doodleblocks to help us stand out from the basic Pictionary design. Some of the things that we have been looking at, different shapes, maybe making these buttons for the user to select or have them random. One idea that we all like is to have different backgrounds for each of the sections, for example we could have a movie screen design that the users would draw on for the cinema section, etc. This would feed nicely into more audio that would have to be created, film roll sounds and so on. Another addition that we are thinking about is adding different brushes; we haven’t figured out if these will be random or selectable. We are more inclined to make them random as we feel making them selectable would us up to much time and the random element adds extra excitement and randomness. Another random element that we are looking into will be random colours, like the random brushes this will add extra excitement for the user.

Over all these upcoming few weeks will be full steam ahead for Doodblocks.


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