Concept for Poster and Flyer

As a section of our Public Relations module for our group project our job is to promote our major group project. We have decided to have various different promotional graphics such as the business card that I have posted here earlier, a poster, a flyer and the DoodleBlocks website. As we are now on the Easter break I have decided to begin working on this concept to get a head start. The poster will be an a4 copy and the flyer will have the same front as the poster and possibly extra information on the back. To keep with the theme of our overall graphics we will keep in tune with the colour scheme, sketchy aesthetic and the blocks. I am not yet sure of all the information details that we need to have on our poster so this will have to be decided as a group. Here are links to the two poster concepts:

For the second poster I included painted lines, as our gameshow is based around drawing. I wanted to try include what our project is about into the poster, but I am not sure if this would be clear enough to an audience. As we will be using hands to create the motion that will draw the lines it might be an idea to show this through the poster, but I have yet to come up with a nice way of communicating this in the graphics. As with the business card I will get feedback from lecturers and classmates as well as all of the group once we are back after Easter.


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