Over the Easter break I have been dedicating all of my time to trying to figure out the process of getting the scoreboard working in Flash. I have been just working on a separate Flash file just to see if I can get any interaction with numbers changing and different names working within the scoreboard. I have found a few tutorials online but most of them are working with Actionscript 2, whereas we are working with Actionscript 3. I have give the Kinect to Conor for the Ester break because I thought it was better if I concentrated on this part of the project because I think this could be a really tricky part of the project. I have the Kinect working and displaying colour with hand movements and now all that is needed with that is to link that SWF file up with the Doodleblocks file and I dont have any experience with this, whereas Conor does and he is confident he can get it working.

Below is the best tutorial that I have researched and I think its the tutorial that is closest to what we want to do. Basically its when you hit the “Correct” button we want it to add ten to the score, which is exactly what we want. I think that this is really doable and there is a real possibility that I can get this to work. I will talk it over with the group on Monday and show them where I am in terms of integrating this into my Flash file. I am having some problems with the Instance names of some of the buttons and linking them up to the scoreboard. This is only a minor problem but I will no doubt get it fixed. Over the next few weeks we really will be putting everything into motion and trying to get on the road to completing this program. I think at the minute we are in a strong place and can really make Doodleblocks to be something special and to be something that everyone’s wants to take part in.At the minute I am making some headway with the scoreboard and I hope to have the finished product by the end of the week. I am running into some minor bug problems but as I said I will no doubt overcome them.


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