The Easter break is here and we have all split up and returned home. But the Doodleblocks are still tumbling around in our heads. Since our last supervisor meeting and last class we have divided up some work for each of us to do over the time off. For our PR class we have been given the task of coming up with a PR campaign for our project. I have said that over the break I would look into this project and make a start on it. Before the break we also had a talk from the lecturer hat is organising the Carrols building for the exhibitions. I have also said that I would take charge of this and get the required documents written up and have them ready to be handed in when we return back to college.  On the last day before the Easter we all had a look at the art room and decided that this room would be the best for our project as we need a fair bit of space for the people playing to be able to run around and interact with the Doodle station. The requirements for the lecturer are just too but on paper what and where we need things for the Fis exhibition in June. All of this is reminding me of how close to the end of college we are. The finish line is approaching fast.

I am so glad to see the determination from the rest of the group not fade and they are as committed as they were on day one! I know I have said this many times but I am super glad to be working with them and they are all doing really great work.

As far as the audio for the project this is coming along nicely, being away from the college and Pro-tools is a challenge but I am writing music on the guitar that I think will suit the project nicely. After the WIP I had a lot to think about in relation to the music that I want to present during the game play. Fun, light and high quality are what I am aiming for. When college resumes I will be setting about recording these and getting the rest of the audio recorded and edited ASAP.


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