DoodleBlocks Business Card

As part of my duties set out for the Easter Break it was decided that I would begin to design a Business Card for the group for promoting our project. We want it to obviously tie in with our colour scheme and our other design work such as the interface and website. Something that’s important to us as a group is to give the impression of a fun, creative and sketchy style to our project. We have decided to go with a group business card instead of separate ones for each person as we are all committed to this as a team rather than individuals. This is a look at our new concept at the moment.

Business Card Concept

I have been testing out different variations of colours but personally I think that the top purple one works the best. There will probably still be more changes later to add information about Fis and possibly extra contact detail information. After Easter when we return to college I hope to get further feedback on the design from the rest of the group and people within our target audience to see what words they feel this design represents and if it ties in with our look and feel. I also hope to ask the lecturers, in particular the design lecturers, to get their opinions.


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