Group Meeting – Easter Work

Today is our last day in college before we separate for two weeks for the Easter break so we decided to take the opportunity to hold a group meeting to ensure everyone is informed of what individual work we will all be completing over the break in regards to the project. Here is a quick look at what we each hope to accomplish:

Group Meeting

As a whole I think all of the group are relieved to have two weeks with no classes so that we can all knuckle down and get plenty of work done for our major project. We all hope to seize this as an opportunity to get working ahead of schedule so we have plenty of time for testing when we are back from the break and to fix any bugs that may arise later on. Personally, I hope to get a lot done in terms of the design work. I would like to have the interface graphics and the website near completion as to be ready for further testing the week we are back. I want to further develop some of the promotional items such as the poster and business card so that these can be ready to be handed out, put up around the college for promotion and on our social media. Another aspect I will begin working on is the five themed animations. We hope to have a short animation into each category to add to the game show experience and make it more enjoyable to the players. Our five areas are Phrases, Music, Sport, Cinema and Animals. For some of these themes I have already began to think of ideas but this is something that I will be putting more thought into and later developing over the Easter.


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