Bringing Kinect into Doodleblocks

The last two evenings we have been trying to get the Kinect integrated into the Doodleblocks program. Unfortunately there are numerous errors showing up on the timeline. It keeps giving me the error “TUIO not found”. TUIO is the software that we have installed to make the blotches detect what movements is happening in front of the Kinect. The TUIO then matches those movements with the code thats in the Actionscript in displays the output on the screen. I’m thinking this might be something small that is maybe not linked correctly so its something that I will have to figure out. I have a meeting arranged with one of the lecturers who specialises in programming in the morning to see if he has came across the error before and maybe he might be fit to guide me in the right direction. Other areas that I have been looking at is the extra pieces we plan to include in the program like the shapes and the change of colour. I have done some research online to see if I can get any ideas as to where to actually start in terms of including different shapes and colours that will change randomly as the person is drawing. There was very little online to work from because it such a broad area of Flash but im confident that I can get it to work. I will do my very very best to make sure we have exhausted every avenue to try and make this work.


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