Supervisor Meeting

Today we had our supervisor meeting where we discussed where we all go next with the Doodleblocks theme and maybe if we can improve on certain aspects of the program. We all gave feedback to where exactly we were in terms of our individual jobs. We are going to stay on this evening to try and get the Kinect program that is fully functional with the actual Doodleblocks program that has the graphics included in it. At the minute our supervisor feels that we maybe can add to our project in certain areas. For example we spoke about the possibility of having different themes in each of the categories. Maybe if we made a curtain background for the “Cinema” category that would symbolise the cinema, and we also talked about maybe adding an animation to that background. These are only simple ideas that we could incorporate into the program and we want to make Doodleblocks the best that it can possibly be. We also toyed with the idea that maybe we could add different shapes that would randomly become the line that is drawing on the screen, instead of just having a straight line the whole time. We already have a colour palette included in the program along with an erase tool and line thickness which we are really happy with. Our problem is that if these options are here as buttons the users might not use them because they will feel they just need to draw as much as possible without changing colours. This is the reason we want the whole “random” aspect to be included in each of these ideas. We want these changes to randomly happen because that means that it will make it more competitive and interesting for the user. We also plan to keep some of the aspects thats already in the program but maybe just change them a little bit. We want maybe to have only 4 colours that will randomly change at certain stages within the 3 minutes given to users. We think we could make Doodleblocks even better than it already is which is why we want to add little extras to the program.


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