Seventh Supervisor Meeting

Today’s meeting was our last meeting with Glenn before we have our two week Easter break. The main objective of the meeting was discussing “extras” for our project that will make it the best it can possibly be and discussing our work for Easter. As we are moving along well in all aspects of the project we wanted to talk about the things that will make the project stand out. We have already spoke about this before previously for our script but whilst focusing about the big milestones such as getting the Kinect and Flash to work together it was put to the side for a while.

Glenn recommended we all take some time to properly discuss these extra features to the project as they will hopefully really make it stand out. An idea that was brought up that we all liked was to include a themed animation or design for each category such as maybe having Theater curtains open up for the cinema round or a ball kicked into a goal to start the Sports round. It seems like it would be a nice addition to make it more of a game show experience to the players. Personally, I am happy about getting to do some more design and animation work as this is what I enjoy doing most! Some of the other extras that we hope to implement at the moment are:

  • Changes in the colour of the brush strokes after a certain amount of time
  • Opacity fades
  • Erase using hands by pulling them back
  • Changing the line stroke size over time

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