The DoodleStation Fabrication

Over the next few weeks I will fabricate the DoodleStation now that we know the Kinect works, and works well. I began roughly outlining the trace of the cardboard prototype on sheets of wood. I am now faced with 2 options. I can use this wood pictured below but it comes with a risk, it is very thick wood and if i do use it the movability of the DoodleStation becomes a hassle as well as transport issues. The second option would be to buy a lighter and less dense sheet of wood, working out the mathematics of it I will roughly need 2 sheets measuring 4ft by 4ft each to build the station cleanly. This eliminates the problems of heaviness but it also add cost to the project. I will discuss these options with the group and see what suits. Perhaps the most expensive aspect of this project will be the decoration of the station. In order to make it clean and professional looking I will need to buy a lot of angle edges such as this one here This will smooth the edges, but it can be added post completion if it is needed and we think as a collective that it will look better for the project.

IMAG0341 IMAG0345 IMAG0346


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