I have been doing some research into leader boards and how I can get one working inside Doodleblocks. There are a number of different ways of making a leader board but some of them won’t suit the way we want our game to calculate the scores. We want each score to be calculated when either the “Correct” or “Incorrect” button has been pressed. Obviously if the “Correct” button has been pressed we want a certain number of points to be added onto the original score. One of the links that I was researching was the link below. It gives a complete layout of the way each of the names that can be inserted in that leader board through Dynamic Text. There are numerous things that I need to look at, such as the way I can get that code hooked up to the “Correct” button. I am thinking I will have to add a number of functions and var statements to the button so that if that buttons clicked, then a certain number of points will be added. I then want the final number of points to be calculated and then published to the leader board. This sounds easy but it won’t be as simple as just connecting the code to the button, there will be a lot of problem solving in relation to errors.



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