Post WIP

Well, the work in progress presentation (WIP) has been and gone. There is not much I can personally say that the others haven’t already. I think we really did a fantastic job at presenting our idea and how far along in the process we are. I think everyone was impressed with the work we showed them and they seemed interested in knowing more. During the week we as a group had done some run throughs of how the presentation was going to go. I knew that I wanted it to be split up into different section because as it stands our project is in two bits. The Kinect and the interface, I think we really showed both of these elements we really well.

The first thing we talked about was the mouse driven walk through of the interactive experience, these had incorporated Laura’s fantastic designs and Pauls code. The run through of this went off without a problem.

The next element that we showed was a working prototype of the Kinect working. This turned out to be great because one of the lectures actually used it and it really showed off the work that we have put into getting it working! We are, all of us great!

We finished up the WIP with a projection of the future, in this we covered where we are going next. The main points of the future projections are to get the mouse driven walkthrough and the Kinect working together. Once that is running to our high slandered we will then be able to tweak all the little bits of the installation to make it the best of show at Fis 2015.

I know I have said this many times in past blog posts but the group I am in are super. I am so glad that I working with them. I had an expectation of how the WIP would go and they preformed far beyond those expectations.

In relation to my role as audio guy I still have work to do, creation of the countdown timers and some other bits and bobs. I made some good progress with regards to this over the weekend and have no reservations about getting this work finished and perfected. The lectures seemed to like the funky theme that I created so that something! :p


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