This week we had our work in progress presentation and personally I feel that it could not have went better. We had the kinect working in detecting gestures and tracing what one of our lecturers drew with his hands. The designs looked fantastic and the quality of the work on them was not lost on the big screen so I cant wait for the next few weeks to merging both of these aspects. The audio was a bit muffled on the animation, but that was expected as i have mentioned before that flash is not the best software for handling audio. So I will strip the video and begin to patch it up with clear crisp audio files over the next few weeks. Today I also started the fabrication of the DoodleStation, the wooden version, I managed to obtain a lot of wood but I had an issue slightly, over the past few weeks it has become damp and I might be able to salvage parts of it, if not ill have to but some more wood but that’s not a big problem!

In regards to this DoodleStation I expect to have it finished within the next 2 or 3 weeks, and by the Easter break I fully intend to have it made, polished, painted and decorated. Here is an interesting board on pintrest with good techniques for this project.


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