WIP Review

Yesterday we had our work in progress. We had to display all of our work to date. We went in early to have all of our work prepared and set up. Below is some pictures of the work that Conor did to give the lecturers and idea of what our Doodle station would look like. Its obvious that he did a fantastic job with just small cardboard “blocks”.  It just gives you an idea of what the station will look like. It just shows what can be made of waste cardboard. Credit to Conor he did a brilliant job.

IMG_3645 IMG_3646

From my point of view it was up to me to make sure the program and the Kinect was working. I wanted to have the Kinect set up before any of the presentations started, just so that we were 100% prepared before we went in. Neil and Laura were aligning all of the content our on the program, the images and buttons etc. The had everything organised in a folder and that was a huge help going into the WIP. One thing we learned from yesterday was that preparation was key in the WIP and it was obvious from the way that the WIP went that we all were extremely well prepared.

We thought the WIP went really well. We all explained our individual jobs extremely well in my opinion. There is some stuff that we need to look at again, like where certain attribute on the program might be better situated. Also the lecturers gave us some really good advice in terms of the audio and which the preferred and works better. To be honest we were all really confident going into the WIP because we all knew our rolls inside out. Laura did a fantastic job with all the graphics and she even has the graphics completed for the website that we plan to make. She is executing her role to the maximum and explained all of her ideas really well. Neil nailed the audio presentation because he didn’t have just one audio example for each section, he had two and sometimes three, which shows the work that he has put in. Conors animation went down a storm and I think the lecturers were really impressed with it. I was really happy with the way the Kinect was working. The lecturers seemed really impressed with the way I had built it into Flash.

My next challenge is combining the work I have done on the Kinect to the actual program that I have created. I am assuming this will take a while but I am really looking forward to see the way that the end product will turn out.


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