Work In Progress Presentation

This week we had our work in progress presentation and we were very busy trying to get everything up to a high standard for the demonstration. As part of my role in getting our team ready for the WIP I took the graphics that were designed for the interface and began implementing them into the coding that the programmer has been working on so we would have a good working model of the user journey. Another aspect that I have been developing is the design of our promotional website. We wanted to show that there has been some thought put into this concept and that we have already began to work on our site.

For the work in progress we decided to have a format to our presentation beginning with the main concept of what our project entails and then going through each element of the project (design, animation, installation, Kinect and the audio) and showing what we have accomplished in  each area to date. Personally, I think that the WIP went very well, we all communicated our individual contributions clearly and showed that we have come very far along in the project development. I think that as we physically went through each of the elements showing where we are at the moment helped to make it more successful as we have sufficient progress in every area of our project.

In my opinion, the lecturers seemed most impressed with the developments that we have had in the area of drawing with the Kinect. Thanks to hard work and many hours put in, especially from Paul our programmer, we have a program created where the user can use their hands to draw onscreen with the Kinect. This is a major development in what we want to accomplish for our final project so to have it completed to the standard that Paul has at this time is an amazing achievement. Our next goal is to get the Kinect drawing program to function with Flash and our interface which is what we hope to achieve over the coming weeks.


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