Today is theWIP and to get ready everyone pulled together their work and we are extremely optimistic about today.

Over the weekend Laura done tremendous work with the design of the project. She finished off different versions of the doodleBlocks interface until she found one that she was happy with. Paul programmed the flash file and has the kinect working so that we can  load both files today and it will give the lectures an accurate representation of where the project is heading. Neil created the audio files for the project and theyre amazingly catch. He and I also made a cardboard prototype of the doodle station and doodle computer, but for the WIP we are only going to show the doodleStation that houses the Kinect.I also finished the animation, on monday Ken told me why i was having issues exporting the file because i have a lot going on in the timeline. It works as a .swf file, which means flash will be able to load it. at a later date i will rework it, basically stripping it of its audio and placing new, clean edited tracks on top of it.


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