WIP Prep

For the last couple of days we have been working together as a group to make sure that all of our products and technology are working exactly the way that we want them for the WIP which is taken place tomorrow. I think Doodleblocks is in a fantastic place at the minute in preparation for tomorrow. Neil and Laura have been working hard to incorporate the designs into the program and make sure they are all in sync with each other, in terms of alignment and linking to each necessary page. Neil also is doing an excellent job at getting all of his homemade sounds incorporated into the program. Conor is adding some finishing touches to the animation that will be in the “Instructions” page of the program. The animation itself looks absolutely brilliant and now its just a matter of Conor tweaking a few areas of the animation so that it coincides with the way the program works. Im getting the Kinect working exactly the way that we want it working, in terms of the way the different hand signals work. I had trouble trying to get the “Erase” hand movement working but i eventually got it set up that when a hand movement pushing in towards the screen is detected, the board is completely wiped. We ran through the WIP introduction as a group and I honestly dont think we could be anymore prepared. We have put a huge amount of work into Doodleblocks from the very first week and I think that will be evident tomorrow when we show our work in progress.


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