Website Concepts & WIP Prep

As designer it has been my role to put all of our ideas together and begin designing our promotional website. Here are some of the website concepts that I have designed as there are at the moment. We have decided to have six pages which are:

  1. Home: Contains the main information about our project
  2. About Us: Details about our group including information on our four members and our roles
  3. Fis Exhibition: Information to people who may be interesting in coming and learning more about our project
  4. Gallery: A selection of images of our project in the making and also some drawings creating by people using the installation to create interest
  5. Leader Board: Here will be a updated version of the team scores from the DoodleBlocks experience
  6. Contact: Details for contact us personally (emails, portfolio links ect) and links to social media sites

The blank spaces are where we hope to import images that show off our project. On the gallery page we have been considering adding a Light box gallery to show all the photos we want to display in an organised fashion. After getting feedback on the previous link buttons to the social media sites I decided to make them more suited to our style by making them in a box sketch. We have tried to keep a fun, creative and sketchy look to the website as well as our interface.

DB Website Page 1DB Website Page 2DB Website Page 3DB Website Page 4

As for the work in progress this Wednesday we all are fully prepared and ready to show what we have achieved so far for the presentations. My role will be to walk through the actual Flash program explaining what we have done for each page and why we chose to go with our particular designs and colours etc. I will then show some of these website pages to give the lecturers an idea of what the design will look like and also to show that we have already began to work on our promotional site. I am confident that we will all do well and all four of us have been working as hard as possible to get everything in order to show what we have already accomplished and what we hope to in the coming weeks.


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