Next week is the WIP and for it we are extremely confident that we will be able to fully show all aspects of the project. Laura has begun integrating her designs to the flash file and paul has the kinect working and detecting hand movements. On monday myself and Neil are going to work together and create the prototype of the doodle station so we can show this at the presentation. At home I have a touch screen computer that I might use for the final project, the only issue with this is that it is a pc and not a mac. so far pail has only been able to get the kinect working on a mac, so a possible road to explore in the future is transfering from one computer to another.

I finished off the animation for the WIP, i had a slight issue with the audio files in that they seem muffled, i have sonce discovered that this is due to flash. I intend to rework the animation after the wip, namely detaching the muffled audio and replacing it with cleaner more crisp raw files that we recorded in audio.


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