The last few days have been extremely productive for both me personally and the group as a whole. With the ever-looming WIP (work in progress) presentations due we have been pushing ourselves to make sure that everything we want to have ready for the WIP we have indeed got ready.

In relation to the WIP we will be dividing it up into two parts. The first part will be the walk through of the interactive experience using the mouse and then the second part will be a demonstration of the Kinect working at its basic level. Laura has been working away at getting her designs put into the Flash file that Paul has created; she is doing a great job at this. Conor has gotten the animation finished off and the audio that was recorded synced up. The instructional video in finished and looking great, I am sure it will look really well when it is inserted into the flash file. Paul has been working with the Kinect to get it up and running that way we want. Yesterday we had a breakthrough with it and we managed to get it working were it follows our hand movements and draws a simple basic line. This is a really great start at getting the Kinect working the way we want it to work. As the project manager it is so fantastic to see everything start to fall into place and to see everyone in the group working so hard!

In relation to my role as the audio guy I have been working hard to get more and more of it created. I have spent a lot of time working on the theme song. I am really happy with they way it turned out and everyone seemed to enjoy it. After some feed back and more tweaking of the theme song I have come to the conclusion that it might work better if I have two separate tracks, one for the cheesy “game show” music, this version wouldn’t have any of the words. I can see this section of audio playing while the score is being displayed on the leaderboard for the players. The other recording of the theme, the one with just the guitar and vocals will be played while the team is writing their team name into the computer. I have also spent time creating the little sounds such as the sound of drawing on paper and whiteboard markers being used. I wanted to include these sounds so that it would give the user an auditory response when they make an action.


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