Sixth Supervisor Meeting

This meeting was mainly to discuss our progress as a group and get some feedback before next weeks work in progress. We have received excellent feedback from our script document but were advised not to let this go to our heads and to keep working hard to ensure that this project comes away with the best grade possible. Glenn wanted to know what elements will be ready for our work in progress and he got to see some of the aspects for the project that we have been working on for the past couple weeks. Overall he was very happy with the standard of every aspect of the project and he got to hear some new samples of our theme tune that Neil has recorded. It is great to get some positive feedback especially as every member of the team is working hard to contribute the project.

As I have completed the layout of all the pages and Paul, Neil and Conor are working hard to get the Kinect working I have began to implement some of the designs into the Flash program that we are using in order to get it ready for next week. We want to have this program up to a very good standard as well as a working example of the Kinect. Over the next week my role will be to get all of these graphics implemented into the program, create a fairly good concept of the website to show our progress and we hope to have some business cards designed and printed to hand out. This is a video of where we are as it stands with the graphics being implemented into the application. There are some minor issues that need to be resolved but this is just to show basic user navigation.

Here is a very basic concept for a potential website that shows the different sections and the social networking connections. We will be keeping with the style of the interface to make sure everything flows and connects.

Website Mock Up

The whole team has been working really hard on all aspects and I personally think we are going to have a very good example of our project to really give the lecturers an idea of how it will be used, sound and appear.


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